Hello and welcome!
I am Dr. Kim Costello co-owner and co-founder of The Costello Center, a comprehensive counseling and academic assistance center serving the greater St. Petersburg, Florida community. My career has been defined by my unwavering commitment to helping families. Through more than 20 years of providing therapeutic counseling to adults and children, I have assisted hundreds of individuals, couples and families through times of major transition in their lives. The Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course that we offer is an extension of my center's commitment to  healing and empowering individuals through life's challenges. 

We are so glad that you are considering taking our unique Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course. It is our hope that through your participation you will gain the knowledge and insight necessary to minimize the negative effects divorce can have on you and your family by increasing your awareness and understanding of how to help both you and your children  transition through this difficult time.

Our course combines the expertise and experience of all the skilled and dedicated counselors at The Costello Center who work every day with parents and children experiencing divorce. My daughter, Ashley B. Orozco, Ph.D, and I  developed this course together and collectively enhance the class to incorporate new research and strategies to help parents co-parent effectively. We believe that taking this course is truly an opportunity for parents to learn co-parenting skills and strategies that they can easily implement with their families long after completing the course. 


We recognize that this course is required by Florida law and include all required content as outlined by Section 61.21(2)(a), F.S., but we also recognize how truly important this class can be for parents. Divorce, particularly when children are involved, is an emotional process. Our instructors seek to be sensitive and respectful to all participants, providing them with information that goes above and beyond legal requirements. We strive to provide you with the most current research and resources for families experiencing divorce. We also do our best to make all information presented tangible and clear so that you not only leave with knowledge and a certificate, but concrete plans and strategies to benefit your family.

We want to extend our appreciation again for considering us for completing your hours and we hope to see you soon in one of our upcoming courses. We consider it an honor to help guide you through this transition.

Thank you and again, welcome!


Divorce will still leave children as unfortunate victims, but it is the hope of all counselors at The Costello Center that parents can learn the keys to ensuring the well-being and enduring strength of their children.”
~Dr. Kim E. Costello, Psy.D., LMHC, FAPA, DAPA, BCPC